Your Legs Deserve a Firm Hug…by Way of Compression Hosiery

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Achy, cramped tired legs and feet.  It’s an annoying discomfort that no one is in the mood for.  Luckily we can ease this kind of pain in our legs and feet by wearing compression stockings.  By wearing this type of stocking, it can improve our blood flow.  Other benefits to wearing compression stockings are lowering the chances of getting blood clots or other circulation issues.

                I was in a CFS Medical Equipment and Supply store and I saw an interesting package.  On the package was a pair of women’s legs wearing black sexy thigh-high stockings in a pair of red bottom shoes.  I immediately picked up a pair and asked, “What are these?.  I was told they were compression stockings.  I said, “but the lady on the package looks like she’s wearing red bottoms.  Are these stockings for grown and sexy people or something?” They responded yes they’re for anyone and everyone, and began to tell me more benefits to wearing compression stockings.

                For some people compression stockings are a gem when it comes to flying to help them reduce swelling in their calves and ankles.  Take the sexy cocktail waitress in Las Vegas Delivering drinks…she’s wearing a sexy pair of compression hosiery to help protect her from verrucose veins and unwanted leg cramps.  Anyone who deals with uncomfortable legs can benefit from a pair of compression stockings because the gentle pressure on the leg improves the circulation.  Maybe even the stage crew who is working late into the night to produce and direct your favorite episodes of ”Grey’s Anatomy”.  If your standing on your feet all day, having on a pair of compression stockings is going to best support your efforts to steer clear of achy breaky feet, ankles and calves.

                Do yourself a favor and treat your feet to some much needed relief by buying 2 pairs of compression stockings so you can keep them in rotation for when you need them.  You’ll simply hand wash your socks or stockings and let them air dry.  These compression socks and stockings are for anyone and everyone from any age range.  Next time you want to wear that sexy high heal pumps to work, make sure you play the game right and wear a pair of compression hosiery….your tootsies will thank you at 5pm when you are driving home in your slides.

D.C. Beckner

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