The Healing Process

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The facts are after surgery the body is going to move slow to protect itself from pain.  As we heal, we begin to move faster.  The older we get depending on our level of fitness the slower we move; it is just the name of the game we all make our choices.  If we want to be fit, we do things fit people do.  Luckily for fit people, being in good shape increases their chances of healing.  At the end of the day, no matter how fit you are the healing time is a process….be it short or long the process must exist to reach the goal of healing.

When I had my foot surgeries, my biggest challenge was getting to the bathroom in good timing.  I would always seem to get to the restroom in time, but the level of pain that slowed down my ability to get situated was never quick enough if you know what I mean.  Thankfully, I was at home during this crucial healing time, but the hassle wasn’t worth the cleanup.  So, I chose to do the smart thing and invest in products to support incontinence.  

By making this decision during my healing process, I saved myself so much stress.  The stress of not getting to the restroom in time, the stress of making a mess that I would have to clean while not feeling well.  It was a bothersome worry that I chose to eliminate, by literally pulling up my big girl panties and purchasing something that would be a major factor in my peace of mind for the first few weeks of healing from foot surgery.

I recommend doing what is safe and necessary to heal comfortably, being that wearing the right type of immobilizer so that your body can get to work taking care of you.

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D.C. Beckner

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