Tattoo Artistry Today

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Tattoo artistry has evolved leaps and bounds over the many years.  The tattoos of today are not the same one’s from yesterday’s past.  Tattoo artist of today are being awaken into a greater sense of artistic purpose.  Their talented purposes showing up as human beings adorn their bodies in sheeted works of art.  The art that displays who they are on a level only them and their Tattoo Artist could collaborate in order to expose a beautiful truth neatly displayed as one’s “tat”.

                Getting a Tattoo is a task for both parties.  It is a task of endurance. Each party in the process of a tattoo being developed have to commit to the task at hand…. either that task be sitting their patiently as the needle pricks it’s printed pics into your delicate arm, or diligently moving the vibrating needled just right in order to create details that bring life to the art.

                These “tats” are not “just because”. One simply butterfly to you may be someone’s loving grandmother, or a simple tree may represent an entire tribe of loving and grounded family members who would do anything for each other.  Bringing an entire story to life on one’s skin is the responsibility of the tattoo artist. It’s the responsibility of owner of the tattoo to be able to convey the meaning behind the strokes on their body.  The conversation piece that may lead to future friendships.  The constant reminder that one is loved or was loved.  The gentle nudge of one’s perseverance and extreme gratitude.  All these things can be captured and encompassed in a forever form of art to be carried daily.  It is an honor to be chosen and trusted to be the artist to bring a person’s vision to life.

                Amanda Wachob is one of the Top 10 Tattoo Artist in the Country.  She pushes the limits on her art, thinking far outside of the box and creating pieces to be fully appreciated in all of it’s abstract beauty.  She can tell a story that only the person wearing the tattoo needs the details too, and everyone else can appreciate trying to figure out what the story could possibly be, leaving it completely up to the person displaying the art to divulge.

D.C. Beckner

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