Stretch Like You are Reaching for Your Best Self

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We walk around everyday taking on the stresses of life, and those very stresses hide in our joints.  We find ourselves taking on the posture of a person carrying imaginary heavy bricks.  We push through an entire day without taking one moment to gently pull our ears down to the tops of our shoulders long enough to let the stresses of life ease out of our orbit if only for a moment. We owe it to ourselves to take care of ourselves and one of those ways is to stretch our bodies.  These bodies that house our very beings need to be stretched, and we have a full day to fit in just a couple of minutes.  Just a couple of minutes dedicated to stretching the limbs can help to prevent so many ailments as we age gradually in life.

Many times, we use time as an excuse as to why we cannot do something on a regular basis.  The fact is, we have more than enough time.  It is how we think that makes the difference.  So, the question is, how much thought do we give to ourselves.  Yes, we know what we want to eat but is what we eat the best for ourselves.  Yes, we want to watch Netflix, but is binging an entire 10-episode series while snacking on processed foods the best for ourselves?  We have more than enough time to make choices that are best for us and stretching is something easy to do and incorporate in our daily lives.  I remember once I was so tight I could feel it in my Achilles.  I talked to my doctor about it, and as a solution he gave me something to wear at night that would stretch my ankle.  It was such a good stretch.  It truly relieved the pain I was dealing with.  I never realized that I wasn’t taking care of my body.  I was doing something for me to take care of me.  When we recognized our shortcomings it’s time to make adjustments.

If we must eat a snack….and trust me, we must.  Why not make it fun?  If you are watching something on the couch, do not place your bowl of peanut butter celery right next to you.  Make it to where you must stretch to reach your favorite snack.  If you are watching network TV use the commercials as a time to do some stretches.  You can actually stretch during an entire 30-minute episode.  You do not have to just sit and stare at the screen.  Take care of yourself.  If we want to be entertained that is good, but let’s not forget about our other needs.

It is inevitable that you will not stay young forever, but aging does not have to be painful.  Stretching is a great way to take care of our bodies daily as well as prime them for our older age so that we can still move around freely with a comfortable range of motion.  It is also good to stretch because it gives you times to center the mind.  Mental Health is, especially important and as we grow older, we take on new responsibilities.  Those responsibilities sit on us and cause tension.  Stretching can relieve that tension and allow us to self soothe as we navigate through this thing called life.

Now that you have read this blog, before you jump and move to the next part of your day blindly or scroll to a new screen…stop and stretch.  Simply choose any part of your body and pay attention to it.  Give it the attention it gives you all day long.  Stretch it out.


D.C. Beckner

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