Scooting Closer to Mobile Freedom

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Knee Scooters are the best part of an injury.  I required a knee scooter once after having surgery on 4 toes.  I had already had bunion surgery in the past, but I started experiencing a pain in my left leg that brought pain down into my toes.  The podiatrist did surgery to straighten my 4 toes.  Due to the bunion, I had previously removed, my four left toes had taken a mind of their own and wanted to go in a different direction.  This was causing stress and pain to my outer shins and it was time to do something. In the past when I had the knee surgery, I did not know about knee scooters.  I wish I had; it was a struggle to only use crutches.  If I only needed crutches for a couple of weeks, it would make sense but since I was going to need them for at least 4 weeks I new I needed something better. 

The knee scooter is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a scooter that you rest your knee in so that your foot can be relieved of the pressures of walking.  Your stronger leg does the scooting.  I was all over the place on that scooter.  It was the most fun during a rough time.  Well once the pain got better anyway.  Just imagine, being a grown up in a knee scooter, scooting around hard wood floors, malls, neighbor hoods.  You finally get to be a kid for a little, even if just for a couple of weeks.  You get to scoot around anywhere you want as an adult.  If you must go through the pain of any type of foot surgery, I highly recommend a knee scooter.  It will really help with mobility and bring some joy to your day.  Scoot your way to an all better you as you enjoy your healing process.   

Another good part about knee scooters, is that although they are a lot of fun, you do not need to keep them.  They can be rented so that you can return them after you are healed. Trust me, someone else is going to need it, so you might as well keep them in rotation so the next adult can feel the freedom of healing without limitations.


D.C. Beckner

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