Domus 1 Alternating Pressure Redistribution System


  • Suitable for patients in low to medium risk of pressure injury, for home are facility
  • This light weight and compact alternating pressure pad is composed of 2.5″ height bubble cells and easy to install
  • It is an ideal transition mattress for home-care setting



*The airflow output and cycle time may vary slightly due to different electrical voltage and frequency. *Domus 1 should always be used directly on top of an existing surface or an additional foam. *Always cover the pad with a sheet of clothing to avoid direct skin contact. Inflation of A cells Inflation of B cells Specifications Dimension Weight Case Material Supply Voltage Operating Cycle Dimension Alternating Cell Height Weight Material Maximum Patient Weight Flame Retardant Standards Pump Mattress Model Domus 1 23.7 x 11.2 x 9.5 cm 1.4 kg Flame retardant ABS AC 230V, 50 Hz ; AC 230V, 60 Hz ; 120V, 60Hz 9.6 min ( 230V ) ; 8 min ( 120V ) 2.5” Bubble Pad Overlay 196 x 90 x 6.4 cm 1 – in – 2 2.5” x 130 pcs of bubbles 2.3 kg Medical – grade PVC 100 kg CA 117 o different electrical voltage and frequency. ting surface or an additional foam. ect skin contact

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Weight 3.7 lbs

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