The Waffle Seat Air Cushion makes travelling, working or lounging so much more comfortable. It inflates and deflates quickly and easily, so you can have convenient comfort no mater where you are.


GREAT FOR EVERYDAY AND EVERY WHERE. The NOVA inflatable seat cushion is so easy to use and provides sitting comfort on any surface. It is great for ev
EASY TO INFLATE AND DEFLATE using the included hand pump and can also be inflated manually. Once deflated, it is easy to fold up compactly to store in
THE WAFFLE DESIGN helps evenly distribute your weight, provides comfort and prevention of pressure ulcers, bedsores and back pain when sitting
DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN. Made of strong sealed nylon material and easy to clean with a damp cloth
SPECIFICATONS: Dimensions: 17″”W x 17″”D, Weight capacity: 225 pounds, Color: Light Grey

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Marketing Description:   Air Seat Cushion
Unit Weight (lbs):   0.4
Weight Cap (lbs):   225
Each Depth (inches):   1.5
Each Height (inches):   1.5
Each Width (inches):   6
Overall Height (inches):   1
Overall Weight (lbs):   0.4
Overall Depth (inches):   17

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