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The Health and Knowledge Resource Department was created by Tara Slaughter - Three decades in the healthcare industry, Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialist, BS-Management, HDMR-Exemptee, after seeing many families struggle to figure out the healthcare system, spending hours and days researching healthcare resources from medical supply companies, if insurance will cover certain products, billing concerns, caregivers, home safety products, what to ask your doctor, you name it etc.

Tara knew something needed to change, for the patient, caregiver and busy family member. Tara used her experience in the healthcare and business industry to create a solution.

Our Healthcare Resources and Business Knowledge App provides quick and easy access to essential resource information.

Our app is constantly updated, so you can be sure you're getting the most up-to-date information available with health resources and business information. With our app, you can easily access the resources you need to make informed decisions and save time.

For an affordable subscription of $4.99 per month you will receive resources under the bulletin, search and find what you need.

If you need additional assistance are prefer to speak with with someone that can help try an figure things out with you! Your not just another number you matter!

Make an appointment with one of our VIP Resource Liaison Specialist you can ask questions, get a virtual home are facility assessment, from any location, demonstration, by scheduling a 30 minute appointment for $24.99 when your a subscriber. Non-subscribers $30.00 for 30 minutes.

Things people often need help with:

  • Medical Supplies and Equipment Options
  • Physical and Occupational Therapist
  • Specialty Custom Rehab Adult and Pediatric Product Companies
  • Aging Consultants, Assisted Living, Caregiver
  • Independent Pharmacies
  • Independent after surgery care- and supplies Example (Tummy Tuck)
  • I received a bill it's more than it should be what do I do, speak with a Billing Advocate
  • I no longer need medical equipment what do I do with it, check out consignment programs
  • New Products
  • Wound prevention products, how often should I turn my love one?
  • Incontinence products- tired of changing your love one 8-9 times a day?
  • If given a prescription is it covered? Where do I go, who can I speak with?
  • What to say when calling the doctor or insurance?
  • Am I getting the correct product based on my need are my love ones need, when ordering online?
  • Will insurance cover this?
  • My doctor gave me a prescription, I've been calling around for days.
  • Is your home fall proof?
  • Elderly abuse counsel
  • I was giving a prescription and told to order online so many options what do I do?
  • I received the product from ordering online it's not the correct item. I should have spoke with a product professional!
  • One on One Consultation

When you're taking care of your love one who has time for searching days and hours? Get help today!

How can I provide products and services to Federal Government? Get the basic how to start on the APP! $4.99...

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