Convertible Chair

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Care Givers and their Patients are pleased with the single-caregiver transfer system and convertible wheelchair.  This chair is covered by Medicare for bed bound, non-ambulatory patients.  It is intended as an alternative to the Hoyer lift and can accommodate patients up to 700 lbs.

The Chair is very customizable and can tilt back completely and every single pressure point of the chair has foam padding, which is perfect for patience that are prone to wounds or have skin break down.  The head rest is adjustable it can be raised or lowered and also folded in for patients who need help sitting up straight.  The arm rest can also be adjusted if you want to use the chair at a dining room table, and the leg rest can be raised and extended with a footrest that comes out and a heal pad to prevent against wounds on the heal.

What’s great about the functionality of the chair is all of the controls are located behind the chair and are very easy for the care give to control.

The chair can be lowered down flat and pushed up against a bed preferably a hospital bed.  Bars go into the side and a transfer bar goes across the transfer bars.  Clips attached to the bedsheet attach to the bar and a crank comes out of a transfer bar and all you do is simply crank the patient across with the clips attached to a regular non fitted bedsheet….the patient can be removed from the bed or placed in the bed the same way.

The chair comes in 3 sizes the H250 for patients up to 250lbs, the i400 for patients up to 400lbs and i700 for patients up to 700lbs.

Medical covers based on criteria, call CFS for more details.

D.C. Beckner

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