Barton Transfer Chair For Bed Bound Patients

Benefits of a Barton Lateral Transfer System  Sometimes a bad injury or old age can lead to loss of mobility. It’s hard to live a bedridden life without quality assistance to do specific things. However, a Barton lateral transfer system can help lighten the load. Here are some benefits of a Barton lateral transfer system. […]

Convertible Chair

Care Givers and their Patients are pleased with the single-caregiver transfer system and convertible wheelchair.  This chair is covered by Medicare for bed bound, non-ambulatory patients.  It is intended as an alternative to the Hoyer lift and can accommodate patients up to 700 lbs. The Chair is very customizable and can tilt back completely and […]

Abdominal Support

I’ll admit it, I wear tummy trainers.  I love them…okay, maybe I don’t love them, but I love the way they make me look in certain clothes.  Especially a form fitting dress, or a cute pair of high waisted jeans.  I like to look a little slimmed down, around the mid-section.  The other day when […]

Digital Finger Pulse Oxygen Reader

Isn’t it amazing how one finger can tell you how well your heart is pumping oxygen through your body.  According to Healthline a digital finger pulse oxygen reader may be used to monitor the health of individuals with any type of condition that can affect blood oxygen levels.  The good thing is that with portable […]

Stress, What is it Really, and How Do We Handle it ?

“Stress”, it’s not a new concept.  In fact, stress has been something that we as human beings have been dealing with since the beginning of time.  It hasn’t been easy for us.  We haven’t always had the comforts of home.  We used to live in the elements surrounded by all types of threats, lingering about […]

The Blessing of Recovery

“Recovery”, it’s a simple word, yet holds great meaning to those who have battled the Corona Virus in full combat and live to tell the tale.  Today I had the honor of speaking to someone who is barely coming back to some bit of normalcy after being sick since January. I had no idea she […]

Tattoo Artistry Today

Tattoo artistry has evolved leaps and bounds over the many years.  The tattoos of today are not the same one’s from yesterday’s past.  Tattoo artist of today are being awaken into a greater sense of artistic purpose.  Their talented purposes showing up as human beings adorn their bodies in sheeted works of art.  The art […]

Stretch Like You are Reaching for Your Best Self

We walk around everyday taking on the stresses of life, and those very stresses hide in our joints.  We find ourselves taking on the posture of a person carrying imaginary heavy bricks.  We push through an entire day without taking one moment to gently pull our ears down to the tops of our shoulders long […]

Scooting Closer to Mobile Freedom

Knee Scooters are the best part of an injury.  I required a knee scooter once after having surgery on 4 toes.  I had already had bunion surgery in the past, but I started experiencing a pain in my left leg that brought pain down into my toes.  The podiatrist did surgery to straighten my 4 […]