Barton Transfer Chair For Bed Bound Patients

Benefits of a Barton Lateral Transfer System 

Sometimes a bad injury or old age can lead to loss of mobility. It’s hard to live a bedridden life without quality assistance to do specific things. However, a Barton lateral transfer system can help lighten the load. Here are some benefits of a Barton lateral transfer system.

Better Transfer Between Bed, Commode, and Wheelchair

One of the things that you need in a Barton Lateral Transfer System is better safety. If you need to get your patient out of bed and into a wheelchair, it’s a much smoother transition to make this happen. Your patient may want to get around the hospital but have limited use of their legs. 

However, the transfer system can help get them to a chair that suits their needs. Also, you can adjust the chair to sit them up properly. They’ll be able to rest their legs comfortably without feeling any pain. 

You can customize the chair to give them extra padding to keep calm and not irritate the injured parts of their body. 

Easier for Caregiver 

It’s challenging to move a patient when they’re a bit on the heavier side. A patient may require supine positioning for transferring, and this would be the best solution to move them into their chair. It’ll take the strain off the caregiver’s back as well. 

Whether they need to be moved to a different room to run tests or need some fresh air, it’s easier to make it happen with the help of a quality lateral machine. Also, the caregiver won’t have to worry about them falling or injuring them.

It minimizes the effort, and they can do it with less physical contact on sensitive joints. The patient feels more relaxed, and the caregiver can do his job. 

Can Help Prevent Bed Confinement

When you have traumatic injuries or conditions, the most common thing is getting bedridden. It leaves patients depressed and often not wanting to socialize. However, a quality transfer device can help them no matter if they have an amputated leg or experience paralysis.

They can get some fresh air, play some checkers with another patient, and watch a show in the common area. Without this equipment, a patient may be solely in bed for the duration of their medical care. 

Getting a Barton Lateral Transfer System can help patients handle their daily needs and give them some of their social lives back.

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