Abdominal Support

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I’ll admit it, I wear tummy trainers.  I love them…okay, maybe I don’t love them, but I love the way they make me look in certain clothes.  Especially a form fitting dress, or a cute pair of high waisted jeans.  I like to look a little slimmed down, around the mid-section.  The other day when I was in the CFS Medical Supply Store, a young man…a senior in high school who plays baseball strained his oblique and needed something to give him a firm hold.  I’m still learning the ends and outs of all of the different products, so I was observing the interaction between him and the owner. They took him over to our extensive sports section and showed him a Velcro brace that wrapped around his mid-section.  He immediately declared that he was breathing better, because it hurt to take a breath prior to putting it on.

                I was so interested in this transaction because I too had purchased the exact same brace about 2 years ago.  I saw it while I was in a pharmacy one day.  I was drawn in because it had such a strong hold and it didn’t have clips it had Velcro so you could really get a slim hour glass…don’t judge me, I told you how I feel about looking slim in my dresses.  I’ve been literally walking around feeling snatched in something designed to truly help someone relieve themselves of pain.  Something snug, secure and comfortable.

                When the customer left, I asked the owner more about those types of products. I was telling them that I love wearing slimming garments.  This is when they gave me great news about a product soon to become available. COMPRESSION GARMENTS….They told me that people who have liposuction or tummy tucks need to wear a specific type of compression garment and they are preparing to offer a full kit for Mommy Make Overs .  I was getting so excited as she was describing to me what to expect in the kit.  I know post op people will love the secure fit of a good compression garment…and I don’t mean to let the secret out, but women who haven’t even had surgery still wear these type of garments, because the compression does gradually create a hour glass figure….and you guys know how I feel about a good hourglass figure. 

                Not only was I impressed with the compression purchase, I was impressed to see how many people came in for sport injury equipment.  We had a guest come in for hernia support and we also had someone come in for a walking boot and that was within the hour I was in the store observing.  CFS Medical Equipment and Supplies has an extensive supply of sport injury equipment.  Wrist, Elbow, Knee, Back, Shoulder and Ankle and Compression Sleeves.  It was good to help people get on the other side of feeling better.  That’s what we do at CFS Medical Equipment and Supplies, we help people get on the other side of feeling better so they can continue to heal in comfort.

D.C. Beckner

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